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Interconfessional Christian Religeous Fellowship "The Bible Society in the Republic of Belarus" (BSRB) is a religious organization established in January 1992 and registered by the Committee on Affairs of Religions and Nationalities under the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus. The founders of the Company are Christians of various confessions: Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic, Evangelical Christian Baptists, Christians of Evangelical Faith, Seventh-Day Adventists. Representatives of these denominations are members of the Board management, elected by the highest body of the Society – the General Conference. The Chairman of the Board is Nikolay Stasilevich (elected November 21, 2018), Executive Director – Georgiy Melnikov.

The Bible Society is a major center for the dissemination of Bibles and other religious literature in the country. During its existence, the Bible Society has spread in Belarus over 1,200,000 units of spiritual literature. The Company has an extensive catalog of publications distributed, including more than 70 titles of books, audio and video material. The Society is involved in translating the Bible into Belarusian, actively cooperates with churches of various denominations, cultural, educational, and charitable organizations in the Republic of Belarus, mass media in the spiritual education of the population, publishes books of the Holy Scriptures in Russian and Belarusian languages.

The Society operates on the basis of the Statute of BSRB, and in accordance with the Constitution and legislation of the Republic of Belarus

Bible Society, along with other national Bible Societies, is a member of the worldwide organization of the United Bible Societies, whose members work in more than 200 countries

The Bible Society in the Republic of Belarus

1. Confession of the Christian Faith
2. Meeting the spiritual needs of the population of the Republic of Belarus 
1. Grant to everyone the possibility of acquiring Bibles and other spiritual literature (dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias, etc.)
- in the plain language;
- in a suitable format and design;
- without doctrinal comments;
- through books and electronic media.
2. Publishing activity and participation in the translation of the Holy Scriptures into the Belarusian language.
3. Charitable activities through the implementation of projects to help the needy strata of the population;
4. Popularization of spiritual and moral riches of the Bible, involvement of the community in the process of revival and development of spirituality of the people. 
1. Distributing Bibles and other spiritual literature (reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.):
- among churches of different confessions;
- among Christian organizations and missions;
- among the inhabitants of the Republic.
2. Charitable projects for the provision of spiritual literature:
- children-orphans and children-invalids;
- elderly and disabled;
- drug and alcohol-dependant people;
- victims of the Chernobyl accident;
- the poor; - large families
3. Education
Promotion of spiritual and moral riches of the Bible via:
- organizing and conducting meetings, consultations, seminars, evenings of questions and answers with the public;
- lectures, movies on Christian themes in educational institutions (in coordination with the Heads of agencies and local authorities);
- cooperation with libraries and museums of towns and villages of Belarus and providing them with biblical literature.
Popularization the Bible among visitors of libraries and museums
4. Translation and publishing:
- translation of the Bible into Belarusian;
- publishing spiritual literature, relevant to the urgent demands and aspirations of the Belarusian people 

The Board

Nikolai Stasilevich (Chairman of the Board of the Bible Society) - Bishop, Pastor of Christians of Evangelical Faith in Minsk

Archpriest Alexei Vasin (Deputy Chairman) - Professor of the Minsk Theological Seminary (Belarusian Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church)

Archpriest Serguy Gordun – Clergyman of the Cathedral in Honor of the Holy Spirit, Professor of Minsk Theological Academy and Seminary (Belarusian Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church)

Nikolay Matrunchik - Chairman of the Brotherhood in honor of the Vilnia martyrs in Minsk (Belarusian Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church)

Dr. Jan Kremis - Chairman of section for the translation of liturgical texts and official documents of the Catholic Church of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments under the aegis of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Belarus

f. canon Frantisek Rud - Rector of the Parish of the Mother of God of Budslav (Roman Catholic Church)

Marina Pashuk - Doctor of theology, biblical scholar (Roman Catholic Church)

Nicholay Gunko - Executive secretary of the Seventh-Day Adventist church in Belarus

Victor Yarovoi - Director of the Publishing Department of the Seventh-Day Adventist church in Belarus

Vladimir Zhibrik - Pastor of the "Light of Life" Christian Evangelical Faith Church in Minsk

Bokun Anthony - Pastor of the “John the Baptist” Christian Evangelical Faith Church in Minsk 

Nikolay Podrez - Consultant of the Bible Mission (Church of Evangelical Christian Baptists)

Joseph Raczkowski - Pastor of the "Golgotha" Evangelical Christian Baptists Church in Minsk

Alexander Firisyuk - The bishop of the Union of Evangelical Christian Baptists in Belarus, pastor of the Minsk Theological Seminary

Georgiy Melnikov - Executive Director of the Bible Society in the Republic of Belarus – is ex-officio member of the Board  


working hours Mn.-Th 8.30-18.20
Fr. 9.00-13.00
George Georgievich
+375 33 634-64-77
manager Alexander

+375 29 760-72-56
manager  Maria
+375 29 386-63-53


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