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Bible Society in the Republic of Belarus offers to your attention a special, jubilee edition of the Bible in the modern Belarusian language, dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the publication of the first Belarusian book, "Psalter", by Francis Skaryna.

The jubilee edition of the Bible took into account numerous comments and corrections received by our editorial staff for more than five years since the release of the first edition in 2012. In most cases, they touched upon the text of the New Testament.

Two versions of the Bible into modern Belarusian language have been published: the Bible with the canonical and deuterocanonical books. Also, the Bible in a premium design, which includes a gilt edge and a festive cover, has been issued.

Following the tradition of the first edition, the jubilee Bible contains a vast apparatus of supplementary materials: a glossary of terms, a table of distances, list of Churches of the New Testament, a comparative table of the names of the Apostles, and 18 color maps, which will allow the reader to better understand the events described on the pages of the Holy Scripture.

We would be grateful if you, dear readers, will continue fruitful cooperation with the Bible Society in spreading the word of God in your native language and will submit your suggestions to improve this translation.

We hope that this edition of the Bible will enable everyone to satisfy the need in the Scripture and enjoy the richness and beauty of the modern Belarusian language.