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"Brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and broke their ties" (Ps.106:14)

РАЗРЫВАЯ УЗЫ НАРКОТИКОВ И СПИДАAccording to the Ministry of Health, over the last 5 years the number of pupils and students who use drugs has increased by almost 8 times. Great danger for young people is the use of smoking mixtures ("spice") that cause dependence and addiction, are detrimental to physical and mental health. Another terrible danger to drug users - AIDS. Drug addiction is a spiritual problem, and having found the way to God, knowing the true meaning of life, people can get rid of drug addiction.

Many churches, community organizations, rehabilitation centers are actively engaged in the implementation of rehabilitation programs for drug addicts and preventive work to prevent the spread of drug abuse and HIV infection among young people. For the effective functioning of these organizations, a large number of Bibles, New Testaments and other spiritual literature is needed. Leaders of rehabilitation centers are in great need not only for the Bible, but also for Bible dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopaedias for holding Bible lessons. The Word of God is also in great demand among people surrounding the addict man: wives, husbands, relatives, and friends. They are psychologically "co-dependent" in this difficult situation, and the Lord can lend a hand through the Scriptures.




             Bibles to:

- Rehabilitation Centers

- “Mothers Against Drugs” Social Organization

- Churches working among drug addicts

- Co-dependant people



Павел Анохин, выпускник реабилитационного центра «Право на жизнь»


"I started using drugs from so-called "light" ones; the heroin came later when I left the Institute, where I studied. Several times I was in intensive care with a drug overdose. Thanks to the rehabilitation course that helped me to break free from drugs, I became a free man. I am glad and happy that I knew the Lord, received His salvation from the power of sin and happiness in life, free from drugs."   Pavel Anokhin, a graduate of the "Right to life" rehabilitation center.