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"My father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up" (Ps.26:10)


The focus of the Bible Society has always been taking care of the orphan children who are brought up in orphanages, boarding schools, foster homes, social shelters and family type children's homes. The total number of orphans in Belarus is 24 000, of which 27.3 per cent biological orphans, 72.7% of social orphans. Parents are biological orphans died from disease and accidents; parents social orphans deprived of parental rights because of their antisocial behavior.



The letter Katie L. from the orphanage to her mother:

ПОМОЩЬ ДЕТЯМ – СИРОТАМ"Dear mom, if you were not drinking, you would have taken me 10 years ago. But as you started to drink, I was taken from you, and then our house burned down. That's what vodka has has lead our mom and dad to".



Orphans in orphanages are dressed, shod, fed, surrounded by care and attention of educators, but deprived of their maternal love. Children need to know that although their parents threw them, they have a heavenly Father who will never leave.

ПОМОЩЬ ДЕТЯМ – СИРОТАМIt is very important that the orphans will become acquainted with the Bible and other books of the Bible Society. Children of small age know about biblical heroes, using educational coloring "God's world around us", and "Christian ABC" will not only teach them to read but will immerse young readers to the world of mysteries, puzzles, rhymes and stories. Children of middle and older age will gradually penetrate into the world of the Bible and to extract from it good lessons for their life in an orphanage. And when they come into their own life, they will have a moral core to confront the challenges that will arise in their life.