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“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Ps.119: 105)

THE  BIBLE  IN  THE  EDUCATION  OF  YOUTHYoung people are the part of the population most receptive to new knowledge. They get this knowledge at schools, colleges and universities. The libraries of these schools possess a huge number of books on various subjects, which gives the opportunity to get philological, scientific, historical and other knowledge. But, unfortunately, the Bible - the main source of knowledge about the meaning of life, the right spiritual guidance for young people - is missing in this large flow of informationt.

Since pupils and students often write essays on biblical history, archeology, ancient writing, they have recourse to books: the Bible encyclopedia, history of the Bible, the Bible Atlas, and others. Although now more and more young people get information from the Internet, the importance of public libraries is still very high.

THE  BIBLE  IN  THE  EDUCATION  OF  YOUTHIn rural areas, libraries are often a major source of knowledge and education. It is important that sets of spiritual literature for children and adolescents were in all urban and rural libraries.

A large number of students, individually or whole classes visit local museums. They study the history of their native places, biographies of famous countrymen, religious beliefs of their ancestors. The museums have many exhibits related to the pagan and Christian times. Bible in museums will help young people better understand the biblical story and will be a good instruction for a later life.