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"In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand" (Ecclesiastes 11: 6).





Currently, the staff of the Bible Society have a large database of contacts with active clergymen of churches of variouSs denominations in Belarus. Those are people who do not sit inside the walls of their church buildings and often teach and preach to themselves, but purposefully go to the world and contribute to the transformation of that world. With their help, employees of the Bible Society plan to provide spiritual literature to people in desperate need. Permanent interaction with local clergymen for the dissemination of the Holy Scripture is the most effective way of reaching people in need in all regions of the country with the Word of God.



Tatyana, pastor of the Church of Evangelical Christian Faith in Cherikov, Mogilev region, says: "Along with my parishioners, we visit 40 villages in our district. The residents come up and ask for a Bible, but I cannot give, as the donations in the Church are small due to low salaries, and the Bible is too expensive to buy. Apart from us, no one in these villages comes and talks about God. The greatest need is for the New Testaments and large font Bibles, since there are many elderly people in the villages". Sergei, presbyter of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Rechitsa, Gomel region, shares his problems: "Our Church members visit children in a social shelter, we help large families and those with adopted children in nearby villages. For them, we collect clothes, food. But I really want to give Children's Bibles to children and ‘adult’ Bibles to parents". Fr. Alexander, a priest of the Orthodox Church in Verbovichi village, Narovlya district, says: "In the summer, I gather children from poor and dysfunctional families from the surrounding villages and organize a camp for them; I need Children's Bibles for that".




THE  BIBLE  IN  THE  EDUCATION  OF  YOUTHYoung people are the part of the population most receptive to new knowledge. They get this knowledge at schools, colleges and universities. The libraries of these schools possess a huge number of books on various subjects, which gives the opportunity to get philological, scientific, historical and other knowledge. But, unfortunately, the Bible - the main source of knowledge about the meaning of life, the right spiritual guidance for young people - is missing in this large flow of informationt.

ПОМОЩЬ ДЕТЯМ – СИРОТАМThe focus of the Bible Society has always been taking care of the orphan children who are brought up in orphanages, boarding schools, foster homes, social shelters and family type children's homes. The total number of orphans in Belarus is 24 000, of which 27.3 per cent biological orphans, 72.7% of social orphans.

 ДЕТИ ЧЕРНОБЫЛЯIt has been more than 25 years after the Chernobyl accident, one of the worst environmental disasters in human history. Those who suffered most of it were the residents of the 21 districts of Gomel, Mogilev and Brest regions. Psychologically, people get accustomed to the fact that they live on the land contaminated in varying degrees, radioactive materials, but there is always a concern for their health and especially the health of their children.

ДУХОВНАЯ ПОМОЩЬ ТЕРРИТОРИАЛЬНЫМ ЦЕНТРАМ СОЦИАЛЬНОГО ОБСЛУЖИВАНИЯ НАСЕЛЕНИЯIn the Republic of Belarus, 146 territorial centers of social services provide social services to individuals and families in difficult life situations. The structural units of these centers are 1094 social points, 151 Departments of day care of persons with disabilities, 60 branches of noctidial stay, 36 branches of day care for elderly citizens.

 HELP TO NEW CHURCHESAccording to the latest results of research of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, currently about 60% of the population identify themselves believers. The growing interest in religion began in the late 80's after the collapse of the Soviet Union and continues to the present time. The constant increase in the number of people interested in spiritual matters, require the construction of new churches.

РАЗРЫВАЯ УЗЫ НАРКОТИКОВ И СПИДАAccording to the Ministry of Health, over the last 5 years the number of pupils and students who use drugs has increased by almost 8 times. Great danger for young people is the use of smoking mixtures ("spice") that cause dependence and addiction, are detrimental to physical and mental health.