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Staff of the Bible Society and Priest Oleg Filippovich (rector of the local church) meet with pupils of the school in Shchitkovichi agrotown, Starodorogy district. Acquaintance of pupils with a facsimile copy of the Bible by Francis Skaryna


Staff of the Bible Society, in conjunction with Fr. Oleg visiting a nursing care hospital in Shchitkovichi agrotown. Elderly women, along with Scripture received the "Good Seed" mission calendars, in which there are brief comments on the Word of God for every day

Bible Society staff, together with Fr. Oleg are visiting pupils of junior classes in Shchitkovichi agrotown

Staff of the Bible Society and Fr. Oleg visiting a kindergarten in Shchitkovichi agrotown. Developing coloring books will help the children to write, read, and - what is most importantly - to get acquainted with the biblical plots

Patients of the nursing care hospital in Slutsk were given the opportunity to read the Bible, thanks to joint charity events by the members of the of Evangelical Christians Baptists Church in Slutsk and members of the Bible Society. On the central photo: Valetina Atamanenko - a member of the Church, constantly visiting patients of hospital

Scriptures for a large family in Slutsk, Minsk region. Members of the Bible Society, together with Valentina Atamanenko, a member of the Evangelical Christian Baptist Church in Slutsk, visited this family

Женский реабилитационный центр миссии "Возвращение" в г. Бобруйске Могилевской области возвращает к полноценной жизни женщин, страдающих от алкогольной и наркотической зависимости. Библейское общество на протяжении многих лет сотрудничает с реабилитационным центром, постоянно обеспечивая его необходимой духовной литературой